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Urbanityis a street board game in which the players are invited to a wonderful city, the inhabitants of which are the players themselves. What makes this city special is that it can hear what its residents are talking about, and it changes according to their needs and decisions. Through thought-provoking questions, the players are asked to consider various urban situations and to form opinions about them. Should you call out people who put their feet on the seat of the tram? Should graffiti be allowed in the city? Would you lock the playgrounds at night? In the framework of the Urbanity board game, the players brainstorm together about the urban situations and experiences that matter to them, and the city is built and shaped according to their decisions.

The street board game initiates a dialogue among the residents, provides an opportunity to express opinions, and encourages and motivates the players to participate in shaping their own living spaces. The school version is suited for classroom use with children aged 12 and over, and it aims to develop and strengthen linguistic, social and civic, and initiative and entrepreneurial competences. In this game, the students can discuss everyday changes that influence, or could influence, their own living environment.

– dialogue and learning about different points of view

– rethinking and reevaluating existing and emerging values

– the city and urban development

– individual engagement and participation, the consequences of decisions

For further information, visit the website of Urbanity .