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The game revolves around individual engagement and an active, close-knit urban community. It calls for adventure, and has a different playful task in store for every week of the year to discover the city from various angles and points of view. The players can get in touch with the different people they share their city with, and learn about what they feel and think. The game helps the players find ways to break out of everyday life, and turn the city into a playground and a source of new adventures. They can even experiment with ways to bring improvements in the life of the city through various public space interventions and activities.

We recommend the game to individual players who are looking for ways to connect with their city and urban community, and who would like to explore their current role and future opportunities in the community. We also recommend it to groups of people who would like to get to know each other from a new angle, and participate in urban life in a novel, more active way. What do you need to play the game? A great deal of courage and enthusiasm. The game will take you places you’ve never been to, and into situations you’ve never experienced.

The game was created in the framework of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum Europe Lab program’s contest, «Play your neighbourhood! / Gameful interventions to increase residents’ interaction in the neighbourhood».

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If you have any questions or would like to participate in the game, you can reach us at the following address: