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ParticiPécs is an interactive, strategical live board game based on the map of Pécs and a real-life frame story. How could we transform the environment we live in to make it better, more liveable and interesting? How can we take part in the shaping of the Inner City? Just like in real life, we have lots of opportunities to do so in this game: players can plant trees, stand up for the preservation of historic monuments, rent parcels in the community garden or organize street festivals and in the meantime they can do a brainstorm on urban development and community life. Meanwhile the city keeps on changing…

The aim of the game is to learn proactive and constructive forms of contribution to the city life. In the 30 m² board game participants shape their environment according to their own taste and luck.

What is this game about?

  • About the city and city deli,net processes
  • Participation and behavior pattern that helps youth to build their city proactively and proactively
  • Cooperation and cooperative problem solving

The concept of the city development board game was developed by a mixed group of the members of the kultúrAktív Association, local primary and secondary school children, urban planners, and architects. The cool graphic of the game was made by Sirály Dóri.

The project was financed through the youth in action program of the European Union.

particiPécs - összefoglaló videó

ParticiPécs workshops

Who can play with the game? Anyone! We would like to give a chance to everyone to play with us and shape together the face of he city! Therefore we organize public and open events on open spaces and in schools. Within the ParticiWeek we organized workshops for schools.  

ParticiWeek: 23-27. March and 4-8 Mai 2015

What do we do during the workshop?

  • The two hours long workshop is coached by the professional research pedagogues, architects and city developer volunteers of the kultúrAktív Association (more information:
  • In the first part of the workshop we focus on the existing knowledge of the students, and analyze the existing impressions about urban squares and open space use.
  • In the second part of the workshop we try out the game
  • And in the third part we sum up the experiences and new information and reflect on the results of the game
  • Optimal number of participants is 20-24 persons (min. 12, max. 36 person)

The program of the ParticiWeek is funded by the  “LÉPJ – Légy Pécs Jövője” of Municipality of Pécs 2014.

More information is available on the webpage of the project: