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The city where you make the decisions!

Urbanity is a live board game played on the streets. It is based in ‘Ourcity’ and in a real-life frame story. How does decisions influence the development of the city? How can we make our city better? How can we make our neighborhood more livable and interesting? The game Urbanity initiate dialogue among citizens; gives them opportunity to express their opinion in city related questions; and activates and motivates players to take part in shaping their environment!

This Game is about:

  • dialogue and get to know different perspective
  • evaluation and reconsideration of existing and changing values of the city
  • the city and city development
  • the individual role and participation in decision making processes and their consequences

On the webpage of the game you can find information about:

  • the various action days on the street at the Menu Urbanity akciók and you can see the documentation of ‘Ourcity’ built by our players.
  • a glossary at the Menu glosszáriumban with the description of contemporary concepts related to the game. We also share various Hungarian and English articles related to those phenomena.
  • applications and competitions.
  • and possibility to submit new question at the Menu újabb kérdéseiteket.