Shape Your City!

Shape Your City!

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 Exhibition opening, contest results, discussion.
During the “Shape Your City!” project students of Pécs came up with ideas to develop and renew their neighborhoods to contribute to a nicer and livable city. The exhibition showcase urban intervention ideas and vision of the students that reflect on everyday problems of their neighborhood. As follow up we will discuss possibilities to involve youth and their needs into urban planning process.
Discussion partners:

Tóth Eszter – president of the Association

Horváth András – president of the Architect Chamber of Dél-Dunántúl

Csaba Ders – chief architect of Pécs

Divéki Lili – student of Babits Mihály Gyakorló Gimnázium és Szakközépiskola

Gyergyák János – architect, urban development engineer and university lecturer of PTE

If you are itnerested how youth would change the city join us on the 7th January at 5 p.m. in the Civil Közösségek Háza!

Location: Pécs, Szent István tér 17.