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The City is Yours

The common goal of the publications in our city guide series, The City Is Yours, is to encourage children to discover their hometown through playful tasks. In each book, the children are accompanied and guided in their adventures by a character related to that particular city, who talks about local history in an entertaining and personable way, and presents the natural and built values, the local communities, trade, industry, infrastructure, and institutions. The books also draw attention to the children’s view of their hometown, including the locations they frequent in their everyday lives: their favorite ice cream shop, the best spots for hide-and-seek, or the soccer field.

Our aim is to create publications that encourage the children to navigate their environment better, become more perceptive of its features, and identify with their hometown through getting to know it better. In addition to giving a comprehensive view of the city, the books also promote independent exploration and opinion forming. We would like to help improve children’s ability to express their private opinions about their living spaces, to formulate and communicate their views, and to assume a reasonably active role in shaping their built environment.

The books currently available in the series are:

Biatorbágy for Children

– Ferencváros for Children

– Sfântu Gheorghe for Children (in Hungarian and Romanian)

Pécs for Children (available in Hungarian, English, and German)

 Paks for Children

Kudymkar for Children (available in Russian)

 Paks for Children

– Brașov for Children

– Eger for Children

– The Jewish Quarter of Budapest for Children

The books in the series can be purchased from the following bookstores:  konyvek@kulturaktiv.hu  Fuga Budapesti Építészeti KözpontÍrók boltjaKét Egér Könyvesbolt, Láng Téka könyvesboltPozsonyi Pagony, Líra Corvina Pécs, Líra Fókusz Pécs, Bookline