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With respect to shaping our cities, security and crime prevention are receiving more and more attention. People’s sense of security and the frequency of criminal acts committed are also influenced by the quality of the built environment. By the establishment of safe areas, we are able to create liveable environment for us. An environment, where we are happy to work, to stay home, to relax, to play, to study, namely to live. The general idea behind crime prevention through environmental design, which has been successfully applied all over the world, is that is that during the designing of our built environment with the help of experience-based knowledge and creativity the frequency of criminal acts can be reduced.

The SAFECITY project is the first comprehensive initiative in Hungary with the goal of mapping and promoting crime prevention tools and methods supported by environmental design.

In the frame of the project the basis and tools/methods of crime prevention through environmentaldesign are introduced by presenting practical examples, furthermore the international best practices are also presented. The project consists of several sub-projects. The goal of the sub-projects is to establish widely adaptable models and professional forums.