Programs for Children

Summer camps

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Since 2010 in collaboration with the Pécs Normandia Lions Klub and the Civil Közösségek Háza we organise summer camps at Pécs. During this week children can playfully discover their own city. The engaging adventure introduces them the complexity of the city, and the can get to know more about history, natural and cultural values, institutions and infrastructure.

What happens in the camp?

Each day we focus on a different theme and site of the city. After the joint breakfast and outdoor morning games we read selected chapters from the book ‘Pécs for children’. We discuss phenomena and concepts connected to the city. During the day we focus on children’s individual experiences and build personal relation to the topic and site.

Later we go for a walk in the city. We play sensory and observation games or use other playful methods to discover the city. Invited professionals such as the chief architect, major, engineer help to guide children in the city. We emphasize and practice experience-based learning. E.g. in the Town Hall children can sit into the chairs of the sitting committee; in the Evangelical Church they can take the stand and preach; from the TV-tower they can observe the geographical characteristics of the city. At the end of the day they synthetise their learnings in forms of drawings or modelling.

The experimental summer camps help us feeding those experiences into the issues of the ‘City is Yours’ book serial. Therefore is extremely important for us to get to know the perspectives, opinions of the children.

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