Participatory Planning with Children

Student Perspective on Budafok Downtown

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The aim of the project SzÉpítészek was to involve primary and secondary school children from Budafok into the community planning process of the downtown renewal in 2014. The kultúrAktív prepared a workshop serial about built environment to discuss the needs and demands of children living in the city, and analyze the potential of integrating those ideas into the district renewal plan.

On long term our aim is to raise awareness, strengthen the sense of belonging and give stake to children to shape their environment and participate in local actions and in the life of their own city.

The results of the workshops were exhibited in the main hall of the Budai Nagy Antal Gymnasium and was opened for the public. The opening ceremony was accompanied by a discussion forum and students presented their projects for the community. The project results were also published in the community planning paper of the city.

April 23-24-25 2014 – exhibition in the main hall of the Budai Nagy Antal Gymnasium.

April 24. 2014. 5 pm – discussion panel in the main hall of the Budai Nagy Antal Gymnasium.

20 th June – 15th October 2014 – Exhibition of the mock ups in the window of a furniture shop in the downtown.

4h November 2014 – public release of the downtown rehabilitation documentation booklet in the Szabó Ervin Library. The whole documentation is available on the website of the Promontorium Polgári Casino.

kultúrAktív Team members:

Gyárfás Eszter

Izyápi Tóth Nikolett

Szolga Zsófia

Zöldi Anna

Collaborating partners:

Darvas Kata (Magyar Környezeti Nevelési Egyesület)

Döbrönte Katalin (Promontorium Polgári Casino)

More information about the project is available on our blog in Hungarian.