The City is Yours

Paks for Children

  • 1340

Once upon a time, a long time ago, behind the Danube and the atom reactor there was a small town, called Paks. The Paks for children was published in 2014 with the support of the local government and with the professional supervision of Eszter Tóth, the president of kultúrAktív Association.

Have you ever wondered what the ‘cat staircase’ is or where the cellar street is? Do you know how the local fish soup is made or why the emperor has only one leg? Paks and its neighborhood hides many interesting secret that could be discovered interactively with the help of the book.

The book also helps to make your own opinion about the city. Children can complete the story of the city by their own on a subjective map; they can investigate on construction materials when they read the chapter architecture; they can get to know utilization of the Danube and its embankment in chapter nature; get to know annual programs of cultural institutions can recall the programs they took part in the chapter urban cultural values; and they can even write the secret fish soup recipe of the family into the book. In this way the Paks for children create a bridge between the external urban world and the private reality of the children’s internal world..

Two ground-squirrels, Fürge and Görgi accompany the reader, and they know almost everything about the city. Fürge lives on the meadow and knows a lot about the animals and plants living in the city, he even member of the ground-squirrel choir.

Görgi lives in the downtown and goes to school on roller skates every day, so he knows all the streets and buildings of the city.

The authors of the book Eszter Tóth, president of the kultúrAktív and Klaudia Vassné Volf, architect in paks. The cheerful drawings are made by Bernadett Kozma and Judit Kecskés, the page setup and visual coherence was made by Eszter Kapitány. The volume was released with the financial help of the municipality of Paks and the National Cultural Fund.