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The City is Yours

Paks for Children

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Once upon a time, over the Danube and beyond the nuclear power plant, there was a little town called Paks. This town is the subject of the latest publication of the kultúrAktív Association, Paks for Children.

Why would you build a staircase for cats? Where is the row of wine cellars? How do you cook fisherman’s stew a ’la Paks, and why does the emperor have only one leg? There are many interesting facts to discover about Paks and its vicinity, and the young readers can learn about these in the fun, interactive style typical of the City Is Yours series. The book encourages the children to describe the town from their perspective: they can complete the story with their own personal map, and find out what their own house was built from after reading the chapters on architecture. When discussing nature, we ask the children to think about their relationship with the Danube and how they would take advantage of the river bank; and when they reach the chapter covering the cultural life of the city, they can visit local cultural institutions and take notes of the events they participate in… They could even jot down their own, maybe secret, family recipe of fisherman’s stew. It is in ways such as these that Paks for Children connects the external urban space to the children’s internal, personal reality.

The children are joined in their adventures by two ground squirrels, Fürge and Görgi, who know almost everything about the town. Fürge, who lives in Ground Squirrel Field (Ürgemező), knows the animals and plants of the town well, and even sings in the Ground Squirrel Field Choir. Görgi lives downtown and rollerblades to school every day, so he is familiar with all the streets and buildings.

The book was written by Eszter Tóth, President of kultúrAktív, and Klaudia Vassné Volf, an architect from Paks. The cheerful illustrations are the work of Bernadett Kozma and Judit Kecskés, and the typesetting and visual formatting were done by Eszter Kapitány. The publication was sponsored by the Municipality of Paks and the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.

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Paks for Children

Authors: Eszter Tóth, Klaudia Vassné Volf

Illustrators: Judit Kecskés, Bernadett Kozma

Publishers: kultúrAktív Association, Municipality of Paks

Publication Year: 2014

ISBN: 978-963-89794-1-4

Price: 2000 HUF