The City is Yours

Gödöllő for children

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The Gödöllő for children was written by three local authors who were growing up in the town.  András Guba teaches Hungarian grammar and literature and geography in the Török Ignác Highschool  for 10-18 year old children. He carried out several environment related projects with his students and writes methodical articles frequently for pedagogical journals.

Anna Guba, sister of András, is the member of the kultúrAktív association, graduated in Hungarian language and art history. She is a trained museum pedagogue interested in architecture and design. She got her diploma as kindergarten pedagogue, and works as kindergartner.

Dávid Remsey, the illustrator of the book, works as graphic designer in the fine art museum of Budapest and did many cultural projects with Anna. Such as: they started a film club together, organized workshop for young artists, made exhibitions, and initiated puppet making workshop for children.

All the three authors are interested in the built and natural environment of their city, and as inhabitants of the town they are keen on finding new approaches to introduce their city to children. The content of the book follows the structure of the book serial and highlights not only the typically popular places of the city but also the smaller and peripheral values known only by locals.