The City is Yours

Ferencváros for Children

  • 1838

Trilla, the blackbird and Csellő, the green woodpecker live in Ferencváros. They have many interests and visit a lot of places, so they know the many secrets of the district to be revealed to the children reading this book. Guided by the two birds, the young readers can learn about the everyday life of Ferencváros, as well as about its history, formation, and operations. They can discover the world around them, including the built environment, the important buildings, streets, city squares and parks, through playful exercises. As they work on the tasks, the children will learn about famous people from the past hailing from Ferencváros; they will shop in the market hall; they will travel on land, on water, and underground; they will visit a theater or museum, organize an exhibition in their school, do sports, and visit the doctor’s office. They will also learn about the plants and animals living in the city, and about environmentalism.

The goal of the book is to encourage the kids to think for themselves and to voice their opinions about the city: about the renovated buildings, the configuration of public spaces, the use of the parks, and the redevelopment of abandoned buildings. They can think about ways they can contribute to turning their district into a more livable place.

The author of the book Ferencváros for Children is Nikoletta Izápy-Tóth architect, historic preservation specialist, a member of the kultúrAktív Association, and mother to four children. The illustrations were created by graphic artist Dávid Remsey, who received the Children’s Book Illustrator award of 2015. The book was professionally reviewed by Dr. Ambrus Gönczi, manager of the Collection of Local History of Ferencváros, and by history teacher Katalin Bonyhádi. The linguistic reviewer was Anna Zöldi architect, architectural technical writer. The volume was edited by art historian Ágnes Sebestyén, Vice President of the kultúrAktív Association.

The publication was sponsored by the Municipality of Ferencváros and the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.

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Ferencváros for Children

Author: Nikolett Izápy-Tóth

Illustrator: Dávid Remsey

Publishers: kultúrAktív Association, Municipality of Ferencváros

Publication Year: 2017

ISBN: 978-963-89794-2-1

Price: 2600 HUF