The City is Yours

Eger for children

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Muezzin, the protagonist of the book, invites the children on an adventurous discovery trip to visit the main sights, hidden secrets, and natural treasures of Eger. At the same time, he also encourages them to think about and gather ideas about their hometown, and to draw or create something based on these ideas. Following Muezzin’s advice, the children can re-design the city squares, repaint the buildings, or plant something. And while they are working on these playful tasks, they also keep learning about the city: about how the Turks lived and what memories they have left behind, how long the cellar system found beneath the city is, or what types of grapes grow on the nearby hills.

The author of Eger for Children is Mónika Szlaukó, a teacher from Eger and one of the founding members of kultúrAktív. The illustrations were created by Valér Fekete, street artist from Eger, while the desktop publishing was done by Krisztián Viszokai. The book was published in cooperation with the Part Foundation and with support from the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.

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Eger for Children

Author: Mónika Szlaukó

Illustrator: Valér Fekete

Publishers: kultúrAktív Association, Part Association

Publication Year: 2012

ISBN: 978-963-08-4003-3

Price: 1500 HUF