Programs for Professionals


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The aim of the association is to spread the idea of built environment education and provide insight into its theory and methodology: beside practical workshops we also highlight the dialogue with our professional audience. Our members frequently take part in national and international conferences, or organize professional symposiums and conferences aiming to exchange professional experience, to introduce fresh theoretical and practical results, and to help networking Hungarian professionals.

Our first professional day was organized in the October 2011 among the programs of the month of architecture in the Museum of  Contemporary Art, Budapest. Most of the participants were pedagogues and architects. During the Methodical introduction and round table session of the day we tried to find the answer for the following question: what is the goal of built environment education? Why is it important to integrate built environment education into school curriculum? How can we talk about built environment during mathematic, physic, literature or foreign language classes?

Between 30th of May and 1st of June 2014 we organized ‘The City is Yours’ pedagogic symposium in the cultural center of Pécs. We invited pedagogues and architects from cities where we released a book from our city is yours serial (Pécs, Eger, Sepsiszentgyörgy, Budapest, Brassó, Paks). The goal of the symposium was to exchange experiences and methodical approaches and provide multidisciplinary networking possibilities. We would like to encourage long term collaboration among Hungarian and foreign institutions and organizations offering programs based on our books; and we wish to connect schools and teachers using our books in school curriculum.