Children’s perspective

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Children’s Views – Urban Design and Architecture for and with Children is the Hungarian edition of the volume of studies Kinder_Sichten – Städtebau und Architektur für und mit Kindern und Jugendlichen, edited by Reicher et al.

The authors and editors of the volume of studies are architects, educators, researchers, and museologists from Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK; all internationally renowned in the field of organizing programs and projects related to built environment education.

The first part of the volume describes a series of international education projects related to built environment education, including projects in the framework of formal and informal education, programs organized by chambers of architects and architectural museums, and local and international initiatives.

The second part of the volume is structured around various projects that involve children and youth into the planning process, such as the collaborative revitalization of residential spaces, designing or redesigning educational institutions, or participating in city-level developments.

In the third part of the volume, the readers can find a collection of methodologies related to the projects described earlier, which includes comments, suggestions and advice for handling different age groups and contexts. A number of exciting methods are presented that can be perfectly applied in both formal and informal education in Hungary.

The publication was sponsored by the Goethe Institute and the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.

You can read more about the volume here.

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Children’s Views – Architecture for and with Children

Authors: Christa Reicher, Päivi Kataikko, Silke Edelhoff, Angela Uttke

Cover design: Dóri Sirály

Publishers: kultúrAktív Egyesület, Kódex Press

Publication Year: 2013

ISBN: 978-963-08-6231-8

Price: 2990 HUF