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Built environment education

  • 1777

The volume gives a comprehensive picture of the theory and practice of built environment education, and summarizes the Hungarian and international experiences. It makes the topic especially relevant that the subject of architecture became more pronounced in the latest National Core Curriculum, issued on June 4, 2012. Our publication serves as a useful practical methodological tool for educators, in line with the new National Core Curriculum and curriculum frameworks.

The first part of the volume presents the theory of built environment education, including the distinct goals of the educational field, its connection to related sciences, and the history of its institutionalization. Beyond describing the theoretical and general goals, there is a special emphasis on unifying the Hungarian terminology, summarizing the history of built environment education in Hungary, and presenting those active in the field in our country. Besides describing the institutional framework, the first part of the book also introduces a number of Hungarian and international organizations and projects from the fields of formal and informal education.

The second part of the volume is a thematically structured collection of methodologies. It contains elaborate exercises and lesson plans that can be used flexibly in both formal and informal education. The sample exercises are grouped by theme, and each exercise is connected to one of the three main constituents of the built environment: buildings, public spaces, and cities. The reader will discover various methods to discuss these themes, which can be used as components of classes or extracurricular activities.

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Built Environment Education

Authors: Ágnes Sebestyén, Eszter Tóth

Cover design: Dóri Sirály

Publishers: kultúrAktív Egyesület, Arttan Kft.

Publication Year: 2013

ISBN: 978-963-89794-0-7

Price: 2990 HUF