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The City is Yours

Braşov for Children

  • 2154

Brașov for Children, in the same vein as the other volumes of The City Is Yours series, playfully teaches children aged 8-10 about what factors have shaped their hometown, how the town functions, and in what ways they can influence its present and future. The goal of the city guide book is to encourage the children to set out on an adventure together with their teachers, parents, or siblings to learn about the built and natural values of their hometown, and become aware of their own responsibility to shape their environment.

Many of the diverse tasks can only be completed by visiting the locations discussed in the book. There are two fictional figures who act as guides for the children during the urban exploration and problem solving: Konrád, the master stonemason, and Matyi, the blue-winged bird.

The authors of the book are tourism expert Zsuzsa Kopacz; art historian Ágnes Sebestyén, who is Vice President of the kultúrAktív Association and co-editor of the City Is Yours book series; and Noémi Ugrai, Brasovian architect specialized in architectural preservation. The book was illustrated by Bernadett Kozma and Erzsébet Orsós, who had also contributed to previous volumes in the series; and multiple award-winning local artisan Tünde Tomos, who frequently publishes articles in Romanian journals. The publication was sponsored by the Communitas Foundation and the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.

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Authors: Zsuzsa Kopacz, Ágnes Sebestyén, Noémi Ugrai

Illustrators: Bernadett Kozma, Erzsébet Orsós, Tünde Tomos

Map: Noémi Fazekas

Publishers: Brassói Lapok, kultúrAktív Association

Publication Year: 2016

ISBN: 978-973-0-20650-0

Price: 2500 HUF