The City is Yours

Book distribution

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Our aim is to provide our books for free for the community and reach the more children, youths and professionals. The City Is Yours book serial is typically the result of cross sectoral cooperation: municipalities, cultural institutions and for-profit enterprises support the book release. Whenever we organize programs, contests we try to link them with book distribution actions to give free copies from the books to our target group.

In 2013, we gave free copies to primary school children living in the Ormánság and to the family support services in Pécs as well as to the family daycare center for disadvantaged children. The winners of the TÉR-KÉP mock up building competition received 20 examples of the book; the winners and teachers of the competition organized together with the journal Szitakötő received 30 books. We also distributed 50 copies from the book Pécs for children for children participating on the events of the Green Family Day of the Cultural Center of Pécs in March.