The City is Yours

Biatorbágy for Children

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Ficek, the barn swallow and Pocak, the bank swallow got to know each other during the Great Flight. When they found out that they were both headed for Biatorbágy, they soon became friends. They reminisced about the beloved, familiar places and about their home – for Pocak, the area of the old sand quarry, and for Ficek, the old buildings in the town center. As they talked, they realized that there were a lot of places they hadn’t seen yet, so they decided to discover the town and its surroundings together.

In the pages of the book, the two happy and curious swallows show the reader around in Biatorbágy. The book is primarily suited for 8-10 year olds, and it encourages the kids to get to know their hometown through playful tasks that lead them to discover the history of the town, its architecture, natural treasures, institutions, and communities. The authors of the book are architect Judit Tótpál, the President of the Committee of Biatorbágy Values, and Eszter Tóth, President of the kultúrAktív Association. The illustrations were created by Veronika Simon-Ihász.

The publication of the book was sponsored by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary and the Hungarian Academy of Arts.  

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Biatorbágy for Children

Authors: Eszter Tóth, Judit Tótpál

Illustrator: Veronika Simon-Ihász

Publishers: kultúrAktív Association, Municipality of Biatorbágy

Publication Year: 2018

ISBN: 978-615-80722-2-9

Price: 1500 HUF