Programs for Children

Architecture and city – workshop series in the Zsolnay Quarter

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In 2013, the company Zsolnay Örökségkezelő Nonprofit Kft. started a workshop serial for highschool students of Pécs in the field of architecture, gloves crafts, photography and electronic press. The kultúrAktív Association contributed to the architectural workshop under the professional direction of architect Zoltán Bencze.

The goal of the half-year project was to sensitize youth to urban and architectural topics, inform them about higher education possibilities and introduce role model architects and designers to think all together about built environment.

14 workshops were carried out in both the winter and summer semester. Eszter Tóth facilitated the following workshops:

  • Introduction: What is a city?
  • Urban history: The Roman city
  • Urban history: From the middle age until today
  • Public spaces: What makes the public space?
  • Public space: The qualities of public spaces
  • Design: Rethinking Balokány

Read more about the topic in Hungarian here.