Our aim is to develop, practice and convey innovative methods that transmit and acquaint the built environment. We initiate and support projects that boost responsiveness towards culture, arts and the built environment surrounding us. Instead of passive contemplation, we encourage an active reception that is critical, analytical and explanatory. kultúrAktív is foremost in Hungary in engaging in built environment education, that examines and explains urban environment, amending environmental education and reflecting on the phenomenon of urban development.

We established the Association as cultural management interns of the Robert Bosch Foundation in 2010. Since then we have participated in several projects, professional panels and research both in Hungary and abroad, we have published several specialist and children books, as well as organised various programmes for educators and children.

You can check out the video about our joyful 4 years of working period in 2 minutes here!


Eszter Tóth, President

I completed my Ma in Art History, Spanish and Pedagogy at Eötvös Lóránd University in Budapest. Later on I have studied International Cultural Management in Germany as Intern of the Robert Bosch Foundation. Between 2006 and 2009 I worked at the Museum of Fine Art in Budapest, where I conducted guided tours, art education sessions and gave lectures as well. Currently I am Ph.D. student at the HafenCity Universität in Hamburg. My field of research is children participation in urban planning and development. As founder and president of kultúrAktív Association, my aim is to convey the methods of built environment education, through organising diverse programmes for teachers and children, as well as developing international professional connections.


Ágnes Sebestyén, Vice-president

I completed my Ma in Art History and Art History Teaching at Eötvös Lóránd University in Budapest and I participated in the Robert Bosch Foundation’s Cultural Management training in Germany. Since 2002 my special field of interest as Curator and Cultural Manager, is 20th century and contemporary art. Moreover, I have taught Art history at the Training School for the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and at Partium Christian University in Nagyvárad. Currently I participate in the Pedagogy Historical Education Programme of the Doctoral School of Educational Science of ELTE, as well as I work as Art Educator at the Hungarian National Gallery. As founder member and vice-president of kultúrAktív Association I write books for children, organise thematic camps and methodological trainings, I do tendering and translate specialist literature.


Judit Zajacz, Secretary

I graduated on the SzIE YMÉK as architect in 2010 and got my designer master degree in 2013. As an architect built environment and its relations to people’s demands and life is extremely important to me. I experienced the power of children’s attention the first time when I was working as a volunteer of the Association and later I chose visual education as my master thesis topic. During my research I had the chance to deepen my knowledge on the field of built environmental education. And now I have the goal to highlight importance of built environmental education and its effect in children’s life, and to raise awareness in children, support their sensibility and their critical view on their environment.


Éva Tóthné Pfaff, Financial Manager

I studied Business Economics at PTE and Financial Economics at the University of Economic Sciences in Budapest. Later on, I have trained myself further in controlling and I have taught at the Perfect Education Center in Pécs. I have worked at Matáv Hungarian Telecommunications Company Ltd. for 25 years in various fields of finances and controlling. Currently I work at the Hungarian Post as Project Controller. I live in Pécs where I am active volunteer in several NGOs, such as the Pécs-Normandia Lions Club, the Rigóder-Domb Foundation and the DTSE. As founding member of kultúrAktív, I deal with economic tasks.

Nóra Böhler

I completed my MA in Art History and the BA in Classical Philology at the Eötvös Lóránd University in Budapest. As a museum educator I lead programs and summer camps  for children in the Antique Collection of the Fine Art Museum. I am one of the editor of the ‘É program’ organizing antique mailing competitions. Since 2008, I have been experimenting with the adaptation of drama pedagogy in contemporary art exhibitions, mainly in a downtown gallery but also in other temporarily available scenes of the “Open Galleries Afternoon” initiation. My membership in the Association is a direct outcome of my fields of interest and activities.

Erika Fekete-Horváth

I was born in Budapest and have been living here since then with my family. Through my husband I have connected myself to the city of Sopron. I got my Art History diplom on the Eötvös Lóránd University in Budapest. Since 2002 I have been working with in non-profit and for-profit contemporary art galleries. Together with the coworkers of the Várfok Gallery we led a radio program about contemporary artist in the Civil Radio between 2003 and 2005. Since 2006 I am a home stay mother and write mainly articles and catalogue texts. I am the co-author of the ‘Két egér kalandjai’ (Adventures of two mauses) book series for children about art history. Since 2012 I follow the activities of the kultúrAktív, and since the fall of 2013 I am proud member of the Association. Currently I work together with Szegedy-Maszák Zsuzsanna on the ‘Óbuda for children’ piece of ‘City is yours’ book serial.

Anna Guba

I graduated in Art History, Hungarian Literature and Kindergarten Pedagogue at the Eötvös Lóránd University in Budapest. I am keen on contributing to the sustainable city development through transmitting knowledge for children from the very early ages. I find it important to make kindergarten children aware of and responsible for their environment and I joined the kultúrAktív Association to collaborate with other volunteers in the field of built environmental education. In my thesis I examined methodical approaches of built environmental education for kindergarten children and currently I am working on the book ‘Gödöllő for Children’ as part of ‘The City Is Yours’ serial.

Erzsébet Guba

I am a student in Art History and Kindergarten Pedagogue at the Eötvös Lóránd University in Budapest. I volunteered myself for the built environmental education projects of the kultúrAktív Association because of the very special approach they stand for. Previously I was a volunteer in the National Gallery. I am the member of the Association since 2013.

János Gyergyák

I graduated as architect and city planner at the University of Pécs on the Pollack Mihály IT and technical faculty. As educator, researcher and professional I am dedicated for the qualitative improvement of the continuously changing urban environment of our city. I believe that through popularizing environment culture among children and youth we can ensure the future of our environment. The first project of the kultúrAktív Association I took part was the creation of the ParticiPécs collaborative game, and since 2014 I am member of the Association. As member I am interested in projects connected to the development of the city and improvement of life conditions through true community participation.

Bernadett Kozma

I graduated as Silicate Craft Designer at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in 2009. I am member of kultúrAktív since 2010 and I mostly illustrate the books published by the Association.

Réka Katona

I was the student and currently I am the teacher of ELTE Apáczai Csere János Practising High School. I conduct creative sessions at Kunsthalle Budapest, previously at Hopp Ferenc East-Asian Art Museum. After I finished my Ma in Art History and Hungarian Language and Literature, I’ve continued my studies at the Educational Theory Programme of the Doctoral School of Educational Science of ELTE. As educator, my main goal is to promote art education and talent care. I have joined the team of kultúrAktív in november 2011.

Rafael Labanino

I am a Political Scientist, studied at the Faculty of Law at ELTE and at CEU. Currently I am Phd Student at the University of Bern in Switzerland. So far I have worked as journalist, lyricist and speech writer, political analyst and advisor and PR assistant. However, neither my scientific work or my previous jobs has anything to do with environmental education, as a commited urbanite, I am deeply interested in this topic. As founding member of kultúrAktív, I deal with the communication of the Association and I also help with editing texts of the books published by the Association.

Zsuzsanna Lavicska

I was specialized for Film Theory and Film History, for Spanish language, and literacy and graduated as movie and media pedagouge at the ELTE. I have been publishing various articles connected to movies and culture. I work as freelancer journalist  and pedagogue. I work with small groups in secondary schools and believe that teaching is more than just transmitting knowledge.

Anikó Plutzer

I graduated as architect on the Pollack Mihály IT and technical faculty at the University of Pécs and completed a construction energetic training afterwards.  For more than four years now I have been working for an architect studio in Pécs. I chose ‘buildings for children’ as my thesis topic and through my activity I would like to draw children’s attention towards aesthetic and their close built environment. My first contribution to the projects of the Association was the development of the ParticiPécs living game.

Laura Sipos

Between 2007 and 2009 I worked as Collections Guide at Tate Modern, London. As Art Educator, I also created and facilitated creative sessions for diverse audiences of various age groups, such as SEN and disabled visitors, people with mental disease, visual or hearing impairments. In 2010 I gained the opportunity to work as Assistant Curator at the Learning Department’s Interpretation Team. Since I moved back to Hungary, I work as Art Educator at Kunsthalle Budapest where I coordinate international projects, I conduct and implement educational projects and tenders and create and facilitate creative sessions for children. I joined KultúrAktív in 2011.

Zsuzsanna Szegedy-Maszák

I studied Art History at the ELTE and other American universities (Indiana University, University of North Carolina, Columbia University). I am a candidate of the Art History Institute of the ELTE and a coworker of the BTM – Budapest Gallery. Together with Erika Fekete-Horváth we are working on the City is Yours book serial next piece ‘Óbuda for children’. Since 2013 I am the member of the kultúrAktív.

Anna Szilágyi-Nagy

I am an MSc landscape architect graduated at the HfWU Nürtingen-Geislingen  university of applied sciences. In my thesis I was working on the catchment scale revitalization of the Hosszúréti-creek focusing on various stakeholder groups like civil society and local inhabitants, and measuring the possibilities and forms of participatory planning.  I am looking forward to collaborate with other volunteers  of the Association to propel active citizenship through creative collaborative tasks and spread the idea of informal environmental education. I am happy to contribute to the PR and communication work of the Association as well as represent it on international workshops and conferences.

Mónika Szlaukó

I have qualifications in Visual Education Instruction, Evangelical Theology and Cultural Management. I have several years of experience in teaching, children camping, visual education and cultural project organisation. I work as Senior Cultural and Environmental Project Coordinator at Part Foundation and I am also involved with the organisation of cultural projects of the Small Synagogue Contemporary Art Gallery and Community Space in Eger.

Zsófi Szolga

I grew up in Budapest, where I completed my Ma in Design Art and Cultural Management at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Before, I conducted guided tours for school groups at various exhibitions of the Holocaust Memorial Center. I also took part in the non-formal education programme of Zachor Foundation, aiming to introduce the Jewish District and I also coordinated the participatory photo project ’8th district and I’ for kids. Since 2011, as member of kultúrAktív, I organise children sessions, do tendering, write and illustrate children’s books and I also edit graphic materials.

Dr. Gergely László Szőke

I graduated in 2004 at the Faculty of Law of the University of Pécs. Currently I am Researcher of the above mentioned Faculty’s IT and Communications Law Department where my research is mostly focused on electronic trading, copyright law, media law, privacy policy and freedom of information. Since 2005 I am an active volunteer of the Pécs-Normandia Lions Club, in 2011/2012 also fatigue president of it. As founding member of kultúrAktív, I mainly deal with the copyright issues of the Association.

Anna Zöldi

I graduated as architect in 1987 at the BME. During a postgraduate training in 1992 I got my diploma in color dynamics engineering.  Between 1992-95 I worked on the Drawing Department of the BME as PhD student, and made my research on the topic color dynamic. After I spent couple of years in a design institute I worked as freelancer architect and focused on livable residential areas, interieur, furniture and color design, as well as residential building design. Beside design I taught art history, architecture and color theory in various interior decorating-schools. Since 2004 I have been publishing frequently in various architecture magazines and this way the process through which I turned my attention towards built environmental architecture. Since 2010 I am actively involved into informal education related activities like children camps and programs.


Pataky, Gabriella

Szilágyi, Zsuzsanna

Dr. Szőkéné Rausch, Nóra

Törőcsik, Gábor


Tatai, Mária