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kultúrAktív Club Meetings

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Due to the increased project number in the association we decided to organize monthly meetings to support sharing ideas and experiences of the members. The club is basically self-training meeting, an informal experience exchange day on the second Saturday of the month in the FUGA cultural center in Budapest.

Each meeting has its own host and topic introducing a freshly closed project, sharing experiences and best practices. It is also a session for experiment and exercise: we try out developed methods on each other to be used later a of children and teach each other methods we wish to keep using in the future.

More information is available on our Facebook page. Questions and ideas are welcome on the email address. If you are interested in methods, theory connected to built environment education or you simply want to get to know our members and activities, join us for the next meeting! We are always happy to get to know new people, so our meetings are opened for the public and interested people.