The City is Yours

Kudimkar for Children

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The Kudimkar for children was released in 2011 in Russia as part of the book serial the City Is Yours. Kudimkar is situated east from the Ural, at the bank of the river  Inva, and is the cultural center of the Komi-Permian Finno-Ugric people. The city, home of 30 000 Inhabitants, was the cultural capital of Permian kraj.

The interactive guide book  Kudimkar for Children was published in co-operation with local authors supervised by the professionals of kultúrAktív within the framework of the programme ’Culture Reloaded – Kudimkar Perm District Capital of Culture 2011’. The author, Elena Khoroseva is a young journalist of the city, and the illustration of the books were made by local graphic designers Natasa Makarihina and Kristina Lazareva.

Eszter Tóth created a four day long training course for the authors where they could learn about the pedagogic principles of built environment education, the methodology of the book and could gather general knowledge in project planning and management.

The book was introduced on the 8th December 2011. In the youth center of Kudimkar. 500 printed examples of the book were given to the local schools and libraries, and a methodical training introduced the usage of the book for pedagogues.

The volume was supported by the Civic Education Institute. The book was selected as one of the 100 Best Russian Designs by the prestigious international jury of professionals invited by Designportal magazine.

More about the book in Hungarian here, and in Russian here.