The City is Yours

Eger for children

  • 1332

The third volume of the city is yours serial introduces the city of Eger for children. Müezzin, the main character of the book invites children for an adventurous  city expedition to discover spectacular places and mysterious secrets of the city. During the expedition, children have time for analyzing and evaluating their own environment they live in and are asked to collect, draw and build ideas to reshape their city. Following the advice of Müezzin children design squares, recolor buildings, and plant vegetation and they discover their city through playful tasks. They get to know the inherited Turkish traditions, and the length of the underground catacomb, or the different types of the grapes growing on the surrounding hills. The book was released on the 16.06.2012 in the children library of Eger.

Eger for Children was published in co-operation with Part Association Eger and was generously sponsored by the National Cultural Fund. The author, Mónika Szlaukó, who was previously the secretary of kultúrAktív, lives in Eger and works there as a teacher. She co-operated with local illustrators to produce this book. The illustration were made by the local street artist Valér Fekete.