Aquapolis, Budapest!

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In the application Aquapolis, Budapest! we discovered the relation of the city and water together with the the youth of Budapest. During the 14 weeks of the summer break 7 water-related topics were elaborated with various methods:

  1. favourite watery place – camera obscura
  2. daily water – gif
  3. baths of Budapest – guerilla marketing
  4. the way of water – channel cover design for silk screen
  5. the music of water – composing
  6. heroes on the dike – stop motion, animation
  7. on the water, the water that connects – bottles mail boat

The creative process was supported by the members of the kultúrAktív and invited contemporary artists. During the application there were 3 action days organized for the wider public.

  • on the Danube Day we made camera obscuras together with Bölcskey Miklós: the life-size ones were made from blankets while the small ones from boxes.
  • Dévényi Tamás guided us to discover the secret places of the Rácz-bath, we visited the Veli Bej Bath and learned street art techniques from Kovács Buddha Tamás.
  • The Binaura group we experimented with interactive sound installation and learned the bases of the stop motion technique.

The winner applicants were invited to visit a camp between 27-31. October 2014 to spend the fall break with creative workshops and games. More detail is available here and here.

More details are available here and here.