Programs For Professionals

We organize training programs for professionals to spread the idea of built environment education in Hungary. Beside introducing best practices and various methodologies these occasions provide excellent opportunity for networking and experience exchange. It is a great possibility to meet other Hungarian and international organizations, and private persons involved into environmental education.

Many of these programs are connected to the book serial of the Association. We organize round table sessions for professionals, as we did with the Children-City-Architecture serial, where invited architects and pedagogues had their chance to discuss methods and content of the book.

Each book release of the serial ‘The City is Yours’ is accompanied by methodical presentations and workshops. As built environment education pioneers in Hungary we find it extremely important to prepare pedagogues properly to use the new methodology of our books. In order to support methodical improvement we usually organize theoretical and practical workshops to present the various uses of our books. Beside this we support personal experience exchange among pedagogues and are happy to receive feedback on our publishments.

Our other aim is to create a platform and connect various stakeholders interested in built environment education. We organize workshops, training days, conferences and other informal meetings to provide place for experience and knowledge exchange.