Programs for Children

Our association organizes programs for children and youth about their built environment since 2010. The programs aim to make children get to know their own neighborhood, recognize its architectural qualities and consciously analyze their daily used spaces. First of all we build on the individual experiences of children about their places they live, play or learn and try to raise awareness towards those places.

Building on those experiences, we concentrate on characteristic elements of those places, and find answers for questions: for who these block of flat was built? Why do we live in this part of the city? etc. The final goal of the learning process is to lead children towards the recognition: he built environment is not predestined predetermined but it is shaped by humans like them or their parents and it is valuable. Therefore they also need to take action and play their role in the development of the city.

When we design our activities we keep on eye on the variety of the projects. We are continuously try to find new ways and approach to investigate the topic architecture and implement new working methods (individual work, work in couples or in groups). We prefer playful methods that help to understand personal experiences, and strengthen social competences. Beside traditional drawing and mocking we use drama pedagogy, riddles and sensory games as well as Internet based tools. We are open to any method that helps to discover our built environment.

We frequently organize various programs, activities, local or national contests, and camps during the summer for children.