Game is the source of joy and with this experience positively influences the efficiency of education and the personal development of the individuals. Therefore games and game elements are essential parts of our programs: playful learning stands in the center of programs and publishments and we are keen on developing games that aim to help children learn about their own built environment.

Squares, public spaces usage and city development are complex expressions that are impossible to be through through traditional teaching methods.  Games help to digest these complex topics for the younger generation. Role play for example sensibilizes children towards their environment, introduces new aspects of living through adopting new and different role. Among the binding rules of community games we can refer to complex mechanisms of city development.

Games developed by kultúrAktív record and strengthen behavior patterns that help children and youth proactively and constructively shape their environment. Through the game on one hand Participants gain knowledge unconsciously about their own city and city quartier e.g map based road sign help to develop skills, stops refer to existing traffic junctions, cultural institutes, green surfaces, meeting points etc. on other hand game elements built into the flow of the game – such as chance cards, action cards – tell stories about urban life and introduce city related lifestyle, problems, actors and processes.

Within the framework of the game youth shape their cities according to their demands while experiencing What means to be responsible for their environment. Through game they learn that everyone has his own role to play in the city.