1% tax charity

Donate 1% of your personal income tax to built environment education!

The new year, unfortunately, brings lots of paperwork − including filing our taxes. But every cloud has a silver lining: we can request that one percent of our personal income tax be given to organizations whose work we want to support. 

Our tax number: 18025345-1-02              Our bank account number:  HU88 5070 0114 1103 9471 0000 0000

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Why should you designate your 1% contribution to kultúrAktív?

• because we write and publish fantastic books that allow children to playfully get to know their city

• because we were the first organization to bring built environment education to Hungary, with the aim of preparing the new generations to become conscious city users who would shape and protect the built environment according to their own needs

• because not only did we translate Western books on methodology, but we also developed and published the first book on the methodology of built environment education specifically designed for the Hungarian curriculum

• because we organize professional workshops for teachers and architects

• because we volunteer our time to built environment education, dedicating all our resources to methodological development and practical projects

• because we launch more and more of our own projects − to see what we have done so far, watch our short film here.


How can you designate your 1% to us?

You can dispose of the 1% of your personal income tax in the designation form found in the tax return packet, or on a separate sheet of paper. 

Click here to download the declaration of intent:  .doc    .pdf

If you are a private entrepreneur, or a private individual with the obligation to pay VAT:  

• then you can submit your tax declaration form and the declaration of intent concerning the 1% by (Date) to the Tax Authorities (NAV).

If you submit the tax declaration and the declaration of intent concerning the 1% as a private individual:

• then the deadline is (about) 20 May each year.

If you submit your tax declaration form electronically:

• then you can designate the 1% of your tax on page 5 of the tax declaration form by (about) 20 May each year.

What can I do if I have already submitted my tax declaration, but I didn’t designate the 1%?

• you can still submit your declaration until (Date), just like in the past, either enclosed in an envelope or electronically.


We appreciate your kind support.